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EndoTech Algorithms Audited Results

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Dr. Anna Becker:

 It was very important for us to get a stamp. So all of you will know that everything that I’m showing is true. Why, because I’m too good to be true. The results, no, serious. The results are so high, and we aim for results that are so high. And since nobody did it before it’s very hard to convince somebody that I even exist.

I know that at the beginning people were showing me stories that said that I don’t exist. It’s a robot, right? So I decided that I need this claim of insurance from some huge company. That they will say, “No, it’s true. It’s real. We checked it.” So we went to the big four. I have lots of friends that know the management and three out of four said ‘no’. And I said, why not? you don’t even know me.

Why not do this? And they said, “No, you are in crypto.” Why not do crypto? Why they’re not doing crypto is because of lots of scams that happened to them, they lost, I will not name names, but a $5 billion lawsuit of the company that they signed on and apparently was a scam. So once it happened to them, the other two said no, but Eton Young apparently is very, very innovative.

And even revolutionary companies in this term, they are behind the blockchain, the love blockchain. So we came to them in January and we said, we want to be audited. They said, “Fine. Let’s try.” And then in February they audited us and we were very happy and we were ready to issue it. And that I said, “How do I do that? What paper do you give me to do that?”

And they said, “No, no, no, you cannot do this yet.” Why? “Because you need the sign-off from the United States office.” And they sent it to the United States and the United States said, “They have no procedures to do this. There is no other company that we did it for.” They said the first company, and then we waited more. And as I say it’s the same story with Israeli army, when you talk to Israeli army they never explain to you what happens inside.

They just once per year tell you something, some news if you bang on the door so here is the same. I would talk to my contact and he would say, “No, no, we are not ready yet.” And we’re not ready yet, and we’re not ready yet, and we were not ready yet. And Ed was telling me, “Now what? Nobody believes that you’re doing it because there is no result.”

So I will not get into the details of how we got it, but at some point we started to push with questions and with relationships. And finally, they got us a person that was in charge of the United States office. He came to us and we gave him a pitch, and he was brave enough to say, “You know what, we’ll do it.” He was brave enough to say “You are real. The results are real. Why not?” And they took the chances on us and they opened it, but not only for us, we are their first case. That’s why he said, “Let’s try it” because we are the first case that they did it for. And guess what? Not only this by auditing our system, they put us in the mainstream because now any client can use this insurance that we are real.

We cannot send you this letter because it’s not, I got exactly the phrase that I can tell you. I will read it through the EY blockchain audit team that has performed specific procedures to confirm the trading and results for the period in the document and more is detailed in it. You can also say that EY is advising you on various matters as well. So this is like, wink-wink, we do have other matters that will work with EY, and it will be the next story. The next time we meet it’s a very big one. Let’s keep it. They’re also advising us on EndoTech as well. Not only on trading, we are also audited as a company, as EndoTech and specifically, because we achieved these huge results. The results of our company are unprecedented. And this is again thanks to you. And I cannot emphasize more of how you changed my life. You changed the life of EndoTech, and you changed the life of the industry by helping to create breakthrough financial opportunity and believing in it.

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