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  • How to Create Your Sub Account for FTX accounts

How to Create Your Sub Account for FTX accounts

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Video Transcript:

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Amir Isaacs, VP of Partnerships at Endotech. And today, we’re going to create your first subaccount on FTX.

On your wallet page, click on the plus icon and choose the name you would like for the subaccount. I usually name my subaccounts after the strategy I’m about to connect. In order to transfer funds in between your accounts, click on the transfer icon next to the plus sign, and choose which account you would like to transfer from, the currency, and the amount you would like to transfer. Click the transfer button to complete your request and make sure the funds appear in your subaccount wallet.

For more information regarding subaccounts, please get in touch with our support team at endotech.io. Good luck, and thank you for choosing Endotech.

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