EndoTech is the global leader in alternative investments.  With billions of dollars across different asset categories – ranging from crypto to foreign exchange and beyond – EndoTech is the recognized leader in algorithmic alternative investments.

Our mission is to enable investors to capitalize on the opportunity in alternative investments without buy and hold risk. We do this through advanced algorithmic and technological investment solutions that enable investors to capitalize on the power of digital asset movements.

The Proven On-Ramp For Algorithmic Alternative Investing

For decades, only select hedge funds had the technological abilities to build, test and run algorithms for investing and capturing the high potential of alternative markets.

With EndoTech, that has changed.

Endotech’s market-proven algorithms are now being used by hundreds of thousands of investors to capture the potential in alternative investments, without the buy and hold risk. Thanks to advanced technological platforms that can scale and execute EndoTech’s proprietary algorithms, investors are able to benefit from market movements without the burden of constant decisioning and execution risks.

Exact algorithmic results are executed simultaneously across each investor accounts. 

Powerful algorithmic alternative investments – Proven.

An Investment Revolution with a Network of Partners

With decades of experience delivering algorithmic investing, EndoTech has earned the trusted partnership of many of the industry’s leading service providers. 

As the pioneer and leader in algorithmic alternative investments, we take that responsibility seriously.

Our network of partners in this investing revolution include the best known exchanges and brokers,  customer relationship partners, and legal and regulatory compliance teams. 


Endotech Partners

Technology To Capture Value in Alternative Markets

Investors have continually sought the upsized upside of alternative markets, their approach have often been limited by limited technical tools and execution power to scale. Even short-lived runs have created an insatiable appetite for the breakthrough financial results of alternative investments. Unfortunately, technical analysis, computing power and market dynamics have made consistent out-sized returns out of reach.

EndoTech’s series of algorithmic and technological breakthroughs have changed that.

With billions of dollars deployed across its algorithms, EndoTech has been delivering repeated results in alternative markets at a scale and success not seen before. Ever.

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